White Caramel Cookie | 3 seeds

White Caramel Cookie feminized cannabis seeds
If cookie monster was a stoner this would be his ultimate cannabis strain. White Caramel Cookie is a heavy indica dominant cannabis strain. She will produce heavy potent buds covered with thrichomes. Her sweet taste remind us of a sweet earthy caramel aroma. She is ideal for indoor gardens and won’t need lots of care. With a heavy indica body stoned effect this strain will get you couch-locked all night. We called her white caramel cookie because she is an offspring from a crossing of a stable Girl Scout Cookie ( OG Kush x F1 Durban) crossed with a White Widow (
Indian Indica X Brazil Sativa) and we called her Wookie we then further develop it with a hybrid of Purple Urkel ( USA genetics) X Caramella ( California genetics) named Purckle. Most genetics from White Caramel Cookie derives from the United States with a mix of Brazil sativa and India Indica to stabilize and her and give her the classic Indica characteristics. The Indica genetics gives the plant more stability and increased her yield. Just like cookies, a real stoner will always need some White caramel cookie in stock. We believe this strain will conquer the world, so get your White Caramel Cookie cannabis seeds today and taste it´s unbelievable aroma.

Type: 80% indica 20% sativa
Genetic Background: Wookie x Purckle
Flowering time: 8/9 weeks
Harvest month:  march-October
Zone outdoor: A,B,C
Height Indoor: 70-120 cm 
Height Outdoor: 130 – 190 cm
Yield Indoor: 400-550 g/m2
Yield Outdoor: 600-850 gr
Effect: heavy body stoner
taste: Earthy/nutty, caramel 
THC: high
CBD: medium

Flowering time and appearance

White Caramel Cookie is ready within 8 to 9 weeks of flowering when grown indoors. Outdoor you can start harvesting her in the beginning of October in sunny climates. With Indica genes she will grow indoor into a 70 to 120 cm cannabis plant, when grown outdoors you can count on a height of 130 to 190cm. She will grow in a short compact plant with many side branches. Typical Indica leaves and a dark green color.

Yield indoor/outdoor
A harvest between 400 to 550 g/m2 is possible when growing indoors. It’s a great strain to place in a scrog or sog which will increase her yield.
When you are an outdoor cultivator you can reach a yield of 600 to 850 grams per plant. Place her in direct sunlight to increase her overall yield.

Effect + thc + CBD
With a heavy body stoned effect you can use white Caramel Cookie as a pain/stress relief. The THC value is high whilst the CBD level is medium.

Taste and odor
One of our most tasteful cannabis strains. With a sweet caramel like aroma you won’t be disappointed. 

Sumo Seeds
Type Indica
Flowering time 8/9 weeks
Harvest month October
Zone outdoor A,B,C
Height indoor Average
Height outdoor Average
Yield indoor High
Yield outdoor High
THC High
CBD Medium

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White Caramel Cookie | 3 seeds

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