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After a long hike from the 1970's to the present, the Blueberry Cannabis Strain has finally becoming as popular as it should be. Across the globe, Blueberry cannabis has become one of the most sought after, desirable, and enjoyable types of marijuana found anywhere. A winner of the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup for best Indica strain and as overall winner, the newest strain is a tasty, sweet, smooth alternative to some spicier varieties out there. It is reported that this particular flavor has a heightened medical advantage over other strains and that patients love the sweet blueberry flavored herb's ability to provide a long lasting mellow that stays with you for a while. Most growers are enthralled with this plant because of its extremely high THC content and gorgeous appearance.

You can buy Blueberry cannabis seeds for your own enjoyment now, too. Blueberry feminized seeds are available online and are one of nature's truly amazing creations. With a THC content of at least 18% or higher, these plants have been noted to grow leaves that produce a really strong sense of euphoria without the sleepy, groggy feeling that most plants produce. The Blue family of seeds has been altered naturally throughout the last few decades and has been perfected, now formulated by science to grow beautiful, aromatic plants that make it worth your while to baby these beauties for a while before harvesting and enjoying them.

Blueberry marijuana seeds originated in Dutch culture after being bred by DJ Short and have been perfected these days. Blueberry female seeds are one of the most sought after seeds by marijuana growers across the world and are easy to grow if you know what you are doing. They require some extra love, but are a great, high yielding plant once you get them started and growing. They are great for growing in your house or on a sunny screened-in porch. This relaxing strain of cannabis will make you want to buy blueberry seeds every time you decide to grow something new. Users have stated that it gave them the energy and motivation they needed to start their day or to fall asleep peacefully after smoking it. Blueberry cannabis is definitely one of the most popular strains of cannabis out there today.

By buying Blueberry feminized seeds, your chances of producing successful marijuana plants are much higher than with regular seeds. You can grow your own amazing cannabis plants in the comfort of your own home or garden rather than relying on someone to do it for you, and you will be able to safely carry on the Blueberry line for years to come knowing that your plants have been cared for by you and no one else. The Blueberry cannabis strain is truly one of the most perfect strains out there and is more mellow than most high THC strains. If you can get your hands on some of them, it is a great idea to buy Blueberry marijuana seeds. It is a worthwhile and smart investment for any true fan of herbal enjoyment.

type: 80% Indica

Yield: Medium/High
Height: 0.70 - 1.00 cm
Flowering indoor: 8/9 weeks
Flowering outdoor: March - October (zone B, C)
THC level: High

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Blueberry | 5 seeds

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