Deep Purple Haze Auto | 3 seeds

Deep Purple Haze auto flowering cannabis seeds
Growers looking for a nice looking strain with highly potent buds might want to consider our Deep Purple Haze. A nice purple strain in an auto flowering variety. Deep Purple Haze is an Sativa dominant cannabis strain crossbred with a Ruderalis.
This very rare cannabis strain is available in our collection auto flowering cannabis seeds. The Purple colorations on the leaves and buds are simply amazing to look at. This beauty will give you a Long lasting active cerebral high and will be ready to harvest within 8 weeks. This beautiful girl will put a spell on you, and will get you going through your day.
You can grow the Deep Purple Haze auto indoors and outdoors. Give her enough space to grow to maximize her harvest.

Type: 15% indica 60% sativa 25% Ruderalis
Genetic Background:  Deep purple Haze X Ruderalis
Flowering time: 10/11 weeks
Harvest month:  10/11 weeks
Zone outdoor: A,B,C
Height Indoor: 80-100 cm 
Height Outdoor: 100 – 120 cm
Yield Indoor: 300-400 g/m2
Yield Outdoor: 70- 90 gr/pp
Effect: active long-lasting cerebral high
Taste: Fruity/berries, earthy
THC: medium
CBD: low

Flowering time and appearance
The overall cultivation time of the Deep purple Haze Auto is 8 weeks. She will reach height of 80 to 100 cm indoors and 100 to 120cm outdoors. She will develop some side branches with heavy and dense buds. The purple coloration will appear in the last stages of flowering. If grown in high temperatures the colorations are a bit less then grown in lower temperatures.
A real Sativa appearance with long narrow leafs and light green color. With the purple colorations it’s a real beauty to look at.

Yield indoor/outdoor:
With an average yield indoors of 300 to 400 g/m2 you won’t be disappointed. We advise a light cycle of 20/4. You can place her in a 18/6 light cycle and still will achieve a high quality strong cannabis plant. Outdoors with plenty of room to grow you can achieve a harvest between 70 to 90 grams per plant. Give her as much direct sunlight as possible, this will increase her harvest to the maximum.

Effect + THC + CBD
A long lasting active cerebral high. This strain will induce creativity and won’t get you couch locked. A great strain to spark your creativity. The THC level is medium with a low amount of CBD.

Taste and odor
A nice fruity aroma of berries. A great strain to try if you’re a fan of fruitful tasting buds. 

Sumo Seeds
Type Sativa
Flowering time 10/11 weeks
Zone outdoor A,B,C
Height indoor Low
Height outdoor Low
Yield indoor Average
Yield outdoor Low
THC Medium

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Deep Purple Haze Auto | 3 seeds

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