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Autoflowering cannabis seeds

Cannabis Ruderalis (autoflowering)

We already know Indica and Sativa cannabis strains. But did you also heard of Cannabis Ruderalis?
Ruderalis has its name from the word ruderal. Ruderal, in the plant world is a plant that despite the environment isn’t “friendly” will grow. Some believe that ruderalis is a descendant of indica cannabis strains. The ruderalis adapted to the harsh climate and the shorter growing season of the northern regions. Ruderalis can be found in areas in Asia, Central/eastern Europe and specifically Russia.
The biggest difference between indica/sativa and ruderalis is that the ruderalis is not a photoperiod cannabis plant. This means that it will start flowering according to its maturity. So it will flower even if the plants receives more sunlight than 12 hours. Ruderalis hybrids nowadays usually begin to flower between 21 and 30 days after the seeds have been planted, regardless of the light cycle. This is why most ruderalis hybrids are attributed as “autoflowering” strains.

Appearance of an Autoflowering cannabis plant
The appearance of an auto-flowering plants depends on if ruderalis was crossed with a Sativa or Indica strain. There is 1 similarity, and that is that auto-flowering cannabis plants won’t grow into tall plants. Most auto flowering strains will achieve heights of 1 meter depending on pot size.
An Indica autoflower plant will have the same characteristics as a “normal Indica plant. This also applies to a sativa autoflower. A sativa auto flower has the same appearance as a regular sativa cannabis plant. Most Autoflowers have less side branches and will form 1 main cola.

The effect of Sativa cannabis strains
 Just like the appearance, the effects depends on the cross. Most autoflowers are less potent in effect.

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