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Who doesn’t know the Skunk? The most famous Dutch seedbank, as well as one of the first seedbanks in the world, the Sensi Seeds, had released a great afghani indica dominant strain with the name Skunk.

This old-school favorite strain is the perfect example of a modern type hybrid and also it contains the most pungent set of terpenes. The original cuts of Skunk, or Super Skunk #1 were so stinky, that many growers were afraid to cultivate this strain because it really needed a properly sealed smell control. Skunk’s genetics were used in many new popular strains like Road Kill Skunk, Cheese, Critical or Sour Diesel. The development of the pure Skunk genetics has been halted in past decades but nowadays more and more breeders are going back to that “skunky” dankness.

Yet another legendary strain worth mentioning is the famous Jack Herer. A potent sativa dominant hybrid with a great uplifting high and plenty of citrus and spicy notes in the flavor. Jack Herer was named after a famous cannabis activist by the same name. Jack Herer won probably the most prices ever on the Cannabis Cup. It is mostly considered to be a sativa dominant hybrid and often referred to as belonging to the “haze” family of strains. Even though the Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands by crossing Northern Lights#5 to some undisclosed Skunk phenotype, it has also become very popular in the US. Even though the real person of Jack Herer passed away in 2010, the strain remains doing rounds in the grow rooms and dispensaries and coffee shops around the world. Jack Herer was an important pro cannabis activist who contributed greatly to the US and worldwide marijuana acceptance and legalization. Nowadays a big number of breeders is going back to the “old-school” strains like the Jack Herer in order to bring back those terps and to keep this revolutionary strain alive for even more generations to come. This strain will forever remain a living statue to commemorate her name giver.


Northern Lights strain definitely sounds familiar to the majority of the smoke community around the world. This surely top-legendary strain is without a doubt one of the most important and influential strains on Earth. The history of the strain is not totally clear. So far, we can state that Northern Lights is possibly a cross between a Thai and Afghani. We know that this strain was developed in the US (Pacific North West coast) in the 1970s already - which makes it already almost a 50 years old strain! It was actually created with a specific purpose of being grown indoors. The plants were small and sturdy, but with great yields and not so much odor in the flowering which made it very suitable for the indoor growing operations in the 80s during the times when the carbon-filters were not a standard yet. Similarly, to White Widow, the Northern Lights can be considered as a pioneering hybrid. It was developed alongside a couple of phenotypes, with the most popular being the #5. Therefore, it’s common to see a Northern Lights #5 name for this strain. Apparently, there are some other known Northern Lights phenotype. For example, #2 appears to be very piney, almost kushy like, while the NL#5 is more musky, citrusy, hazey. The strain was popularized by the famous Nevil Schoenemakers.


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