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Before starting your own private cannabis cultivation, it is good to ask yourself a question about what kind of plants do you really want to end up having to take care of?

The market of cannabis seeds is really big and with so many seedbanks and varieties the right choice for a novice grower may be a little bit overwhelming. But exactly choosing the right seeds, which will suit the conditions of your grow is a crucial part of the cultivation.

Generally, cannabis seeds are being sold in three forms. The most popular variant of cannabis seeds is labelled as the “feminized” seeds. This type of seeds will produce plants that will be 99% females, meaning that they will produce flowers which we can enjoy after the harvest. Buying the feminized seeds will therefore guarantee you having only female plants of any given genetics line. Feminized seeds produce mostly hybrids, meaning that your plants will have two or more parents. Hence you may find out that even the seeds from the same strain, will all have a little bit different look, smells and effects. This happens because every plant will have its own characteristics and will be different then the other sisters. Therefore, don’t be surprise if your feminized seeds from the same seedbank and the same strain will produce slightly varying plants. The feminized seeds can only be cultivated indoors (with a tent, air ventilation and a lamp), or in the outdoor conditions starting from April and finishing around September/October. They can end up being short or very tall which is the case with strains suited for outdoors. Feminized seeds will be thus the most efficient choice and they are being most widely used.

Another option when it comes to the cannabis seeds are the “auto flowering”. Seeds labelled as “Auto flowering” will produce plants that will flower automatically in almost every condition. This means that this type of plants can be also cultivated on a windowsill or a small balcony. The auto flowering plants usually reach a maximum height of 1.2meters, and their total life cycle is only about 9-12 weeks. This gives a grower a safe and a very quick option. The auto flowering seeds are also 99% feminized, so you should expect only female plants. Especially for countries with very strict anti-cannabis rules, this type of seeds is the best. Of course, they don’t produce huge yield, and they are usually less potent than the normal feminized seeds, but due to their small size and fast life cycle they are being loved among users with no big space or time. Also, the very beginners will find the auto flowering option very attractive.

Finally, the last variant of cannabis seeds is being labelled as “regular seeds”. This type of seeds will produce both male and female plants. This option is considered as the most difficult and challenging since you will have to remove the male plants. Normally regular seeds will give you 50% females and 50% males, but as it’s often the case in nature, things are unpredictable and you can end up having more males than females. What is the biggest advantage of the regular seeds, is the fact, that you within regular seeds, you may find the most interesting/strongest/best yielding phenotypes. If you are a passionate grower, and seeking that one special plant to make your own mother plant, then the regular seeds are a way to go.


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