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CBD dominant cannabis seeds

CBD, you might already have heard of it. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound from the Cannabis sativa plant, which is also known as cannabis or marijuana. CBD gained his popularity because of its beneficial effects on your overall well-being. CBD has established a firm grip on the cannabis market. Numerous stores sell CBD products like CBD oil, CBD extracts, CBD edibles, CBD cannabis etc. CBD is not psychoactive unlike its cousin THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD alone will not get you high! CBD plants or hemp plants contains larger values of CBD and often have a THC value lesser than 0,4%. Crossing a CBD plant with a THC rich cannabis plant will increase the THC ratio.  At Sumo Seeds we offer 5 different CBD strains. Some of these strains also contain THC. CBD cannabis seeds containing THC with a ratio of around 1:1. In short it means that there is almost an equal percentage of CBD and THC in the plant.

A pure CBD (hemp) plant grows into a tall and thin hemp plant with loose buds. It can easily grow into tall plants of 4 meters high. We managed to crossbreed it with an Indica strain to increase its harvest and minimize its length. Therefore, our CBD strains have a more Indica characteristic.

Like mentioned before smoking pure CBD will not get you high! 3 of our CBD strains do also contain THC! If you are in need of CBD strains without THC, you might try CBD Green Mango Kush 0.2 or CBD Harlequin 0.3/18%
Because of the increased CBD value, the effects are more “mellow” than a strain with a low CBD and a high THC percentage. A lot of users report that when smoking strains with a higher CBD value will decrease the paranoia feelings some users might have when smoking a THC rich cannabis strain.

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