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Indica dominant cannabis seeds

What are indica cannabis plants?
Indica cannabis originated from countries like turkey, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. The cannabis plants have adapted to the turbulent climate of the mountains. Mostly the climate consists of dry and harsh weather. Strains like Hindu Kush, Afghan Kush, Pure Afghan are famous Landrace Indica cannabis strains.  French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck classified Indica strains as indica, after having received several samples from India. The name indica refers to India.

Indica strains are well adapted to grow in arid and dry mountainous climates. The Indica plant can retain water, making it an ideal plant to grow in dry places with little rainfall. Indica Cannabis has a long history in the East for its hashish production. Usually hashish are made from indica plants. Well-known species such as Nepal and Afghan hashish are usually found on the menu card of all Dutch coffeeshops. Nowadays the production of hashish in this region declined greatly due to the many conflicts in these countries. Indica strains are hugely popular among growers. An indica is known that he can deliver large yields and is easy to maintain. Often indica species are crossed with sativa strains in order to shorten the flowering phase and increasing the yield. For example Afghani is very popular to make new hybrids cannabis strains.

Appearance of an indica cannabis plant
The indica cannabis plant is a compact, thick and wide plant. Often limited to small cannabis plants that grow more in width than in height. Outside they are usually no greater than 2 meters. The color of a indica cannabis plant is deep green. There are also species that have a blue complexion. The leaves are short and wide. Indica plant will also produce more side branches than, say a cannabis sativa plant. If the area where the plant is grown is mainly humid, be careful for fungus. The buds of a indica cannabis strain are large and compact.

The effect of indica cannabis strains
Indica cannabis strains will give you a physical stoned feeling. Often indica weed are used for its medicinal qualities such as pain relief. Because some species are crossed with sativa strains it is now possible to get a "body stoned" feeling with "sativa high." So you get the best of both plants. The indica cannabis plant are also well known for the CBD content. The CBD value is often higher than sativa plants. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is a key component in medical marijuana.

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