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Who are we

Sumo history
It all started in Maastricht, The Netherlands. For years Maastricht was famous because of the many coffees, head, smart, and grow shops. Our shop was called Focus Maastricht and is one of the biggest and popular head-smart-grow shops outside of Amsterdam. After years of research and experience, we managed to create a diverse cannabis seeds collection. We named our seed bank Sumo Seeds. Sumo represents power, stability and is massive. Just like our cannabis strains. We launched our first collection in 2013. During our trips all over the world, we managed to collect indigenous strains. Our will to bring the customer only the best feminized or auto-flowering cannabis seeds makes us a seed bank that continuously checks the quality, genetics, effects, and health of our marijuana seeds.
Sumo Seeds is a company that celebrates the nice things in life with nature’s most precious gift cannabis.
The first thing you will notice is that we use cartoons for our cannabis strains. We decided that instead of looking at a nice cannabis plant, our strain information is more important. We noticed that a lot of customers make his/her choice by looking at pictures. We believe that a consumer must check what kind of properties and effect a strain has and is most suited for the consumers’ needs and wishes.

Head-smart-grow shop Focus Maastricht
Our shop is located in the city center of Maastricht, The Netherlands. Focus opened its doors 15 years ago. It quickly became a well-known head-smart shop in the Netherlands. We offer numerous products like magic truffles, CBD oils, Bongs, Smart drugs, growing equipment, and many more products. Last year we switched more into a CBD health store. We have several CBD brands and products available. So whenever you are close to our shop, feel free to visit us.

Kleine gracht 41
6211 CA Maastricht