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Cupwinning cannabis seeds

Our Cannabis cup winners
In 2015 we decided to start participating in several cannabis cups in Europe. Together with Magnus Light we managed to win 20 cannabis cups in 3 years. 2017 was our best year when we took home 16 cannabis cups! We won in total 11 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze cups.
Amnesia Ganja Haze has won 8 cannabis cups in total making it our best winning cannabis strain! With a good second place and 4 trophies we must also mention Sumo’s OG Kush.

2nd Berries & Cheese V Cata invernal ACMF (category Indoor)
1st Amnesia Ganja Haze V Cata invernal ACMF  (category Indoor)
3rd Ultimate AK    Highlife Cup Amsterdam  (category BIO weed)
1st   Amnesia Ganja Haze Highlife Cup Amsterdam  (category Sativa)
2nd Thunderstruck Expocanamo Sevilla (category indoor)
2nd Amnesia Ganja Haze Elite Cup Amsterdam Public judge (category Sativa)
2nd  Sumo’s OG Kush 4 copa Mallorcannabis  (category outdoor)
1st White Widow Original  4 copa Mallorcannabis  (category outdoor)
1st  Amnesia Ganja Haze 4 copa Mallorcannabis  (category indoor)
3rd Silver Buddha Haze II Castelló Cannabis Cup  (category outdoor)
1st Sumo’s OG Kush  II Castelló Cannabis Cup  (category outdoor) 
1st  Amnesia Ganja Haze II Castelló Cannabis Cup  (Premio especial del publico | best overall)
1st   Amnesia Ganja Haze II Castelló Cannabis Cup  (category indoor)
3rd  Sweet Harlem Diesel 4 Herbes Del Dimoni (The Balearic Cup) 
2nd   Amnesia Ganja Haze San Canuto Cup Fuerteventura  (category indoor)
1st   Amnesia Ganja Haze 4. Semana Cultural y Copa Cannabicas   (category Sativa)
2nd  Green Mango Highlife Cup Amsterdam  (category Hydro)
1st Appleberry  Highlife Cup Amsterdam  (category Bio)
1st   Sumo’s OG Kush  Highlife Cup Amsterdam  (category Kush)
1st   Sumo’s OG Kush  Highlife Cup Amsterdam  (Best all over the categories)