Goji Haze | 3 seeds

Goji haze feminized cannabis seeds

We are very proud to present you the Goji Haze! Originated in the northeast of the United States and further developed here at Sumo Seeds. We crossed a stable Strawberry Cough with our Master Skunk (Afghan, Mexico and Colombian heritage) which resulted in the strawberry skunk and then crossbred it with an offspring of our Dr.Herrer ( Haze x NL x Skunk genetics) and Northern Light Haze what was called Jack Light and the Goji Haze was born! This very rare and special cannabis strain will make your taste buds go crazy and wanting for more. The aroma is sour berry like hence the name Goji Haze. If you are looking for a sweet and different cannabis Haze strain, Goji Haze might be what you are looking for. The taste is simply amazing and it comes with a high THC level which gives the user a very strong psychoactive and energetic cerebral high. A great strain for people who want to spark their creativeness.

Type: 25% indica 75% sativa
Genetic Background: Strawberry Skunk X Jack light 
Flowering time: 9/10 weeks
Harvest month:  march-october 
Zone outdoor: B,C
Height Indoor: 100 -120cm 
Height Outdoor: 150 – 190 cm
Yield Indoor: 300-550 g/m2
Yield Outdoor: 500-1000 gr
Effect: Strong psychoactive, energetic Sativa High 
taste: Fruity/citrus,goji
THC: super high
CBD: low

Flowering time and appearance
With an average indoor flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks, the goji Haze is a pretty fast flowering cannabis plant despite her Sativa dominant genes. It’s a very uniform cannabis plant with little variations between the phenotypes. It’s a long stocky plant with compact and dense buds. Indoor growers can easily use the Goji Haze in a “scrog” or “Sog”. Outdoors this beauty can reach a height between 150 to 190cm and will be ready to harvest mid-October.

Yield indoor/outdoor
With some care you can reach a yield of 300-550 g/m2. Outdoors you can harvest between 500 to 1000 grams per plant. You can maximize your harvest with placing her in a sunny environment with a lot of room to grow.

Effect + thc + CBD
The effect can be described as a very strong psychoactive and energetic sativa high. The effects kicks in immediately. With a very high THC level, The Goji Haze is one of our highest THC bearing cannabis plants. CBD level is low. You can use her to combat anxiety, migraines and stress. An ideal strain for creativeness.

Taste and smell
The taste of the Goji Haze is simply amazing. With a sweet and sour taste you won’t easily forget this haze strain. The odor is floral with sweet hints of goji/strawberry. 

Sumo Seeds
Type Sativa
Flowering time 9/10 weeks
Harvest month October
Zone outdoor B,C
Height indoor High
Height outdoor High
Yield indoor Average
Yield outdoor High
THC Super high

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Goji Haze | 3 seeds

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