Become a reseller

Sumo Seeds is looking for new enthusiastic retailers. We deliver exclusive to cannabis-related
businesses (Head-shops, Smart-shops, Seeds-shops) to sell Sumo Seeds with as much enthusiasm like we do. Offering
an higher margin comparing to other seeds producing companies. A decent profit on your sales, makes Sumo
interesting for retailers. This above would be already a good reason to become a re seller of Sumo Seeds.
By selectively choosing our re sellers and sales representatives, we can guarantee good customer service and loyalty.
We will visit our clients several times a year to have the personal contact needed.

We continue to improve and develop new strains, while staying up-to-date in the market.
Our seeds are discretely shipped from our warehouse, or the possibility to be delivered by your personal sales

Sumo is a company that respects its sales-points and customers, always welcomes your views, opinions and
comments. If you have any ideas for improvements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will always support you at
any time, and together we will achieve the best – this resulting satisfied, returning customers and a perfect
cooperation with all retailers.

So why joining our Sumo Seeds Team?
– A divers and dynamic company that responds to the wishes of the customer and retailer.
– Strong margins on our total product range
– Diversity in marketable strains
– High quality seeds
– Fast delivery
– 100% germination guarantee!
– Refrigerated controlled storage
– Excellent customer services

Feel free to contact us!

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