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The Spring is coming

Days are getting longer, the sun rises earlier and sets a later time of day, the temperature and humidity is also going up – we feel the warm as humans on our bodies, and so does the plants in the nature. when the temperature is above 0-degree Celsius at night-time and there is guaranteed no more freezing temperatures, then it means that the time to sow our outdoor seeds is upon us.

Multiple ways to do it and it might be an idea to germinate your seeds indoor for a higher sprouting percentage. there are different ways of pre-germinating your seeds, one of them can be placing the seed in water until it sprouts and from there between two wet paper towels. after some time for 2 days, you can place the sprouting seed in outdoor soil and wait for it to grow outdoor.

alternatively, you can also keep it indoor for a longer time period, if you want to ensure a good growing start for your plant, this is recommended if you live in a more rough/colder climate. A different approach is to put the seed directly in the ground from the start, if the seed you are using is adapted to your climate, you should not face any issues.

Seeds breed for outside climate

Here at sumo we have seeds that are carefully breeded for outdoor usage, also seeds that are adapted to colder climates. taking into mind which growing medium you are using for your outdoor plant; it might be a good idea to use some sort of fertilizer for the plant.

If you for instance grow outdoor in big plant pots using coco, adding fertilizer could be an idea, that would stimulate the plants growth.

We only recommend that you use organic/mineral fertilizers for the plants and your own health.

Also keep in mind that you most likely need to flush the medium with water, in order to keep a healthy root system.

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