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What is a Indica Plant

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Indica cannabis strains have originated on the Asian subcontinent and afghanistan. In 1785 french naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck classified this type after receiving samples from India. He called the plant indica in dedication of the heritage the samples came from. The indica strain is well adapted to grow in desert and dry mountain climates. Structurally, the indica plant seems to be specialized in preserving water which makes it an ideal plant to grow in dry places without rainfall. Cannabis indica has a long history of cultivation for the production of hashish. In recent time the production of hashish has been diminished due to the conflicts in those area's. It has now been replaced with an opium trade that has grown to be one of the largest in the world. The afghani indica's, which are a crossbreed favorite for seedbanks, grows in different parts of afghanistan. SOome were grown in the mountains while others were grown at the foothills of in the lowlands. Travellers have collected numerous indica seeds to crossbreed it with sativa strains or other indica strains to create new strains. Often indica genetics are crossbred with sativa strains to shorten the flowering time and to increase the harvest. Indica strains are well-known for it's huge flower production. 

Appearance of cannabis indica strains

The indica cannabis plant is a more compact, thick-stemmed plant. Usually reaching a height less than two meters outdoors. The colour is dark green and even some examples have a almost blue or green-black appearance.  The leaves are composed of short and wide blades. Indica strains produce more side-branches and a overall denser growth. This results in a wider bushier plant. The indica flowers or buds are more solid than for example the sativa strains.  

Growing Indica plants

As earlier mentioned the cannabis indica grows really fast. This makes the indica plant an ideal plant to grow. Indoors the overall growing and flowering time is around 7/8 weeks. Indica plant won't grow into large, stretched plants. This makes it an ideal plant to grow indoors. You don't need a large indoor growroom to cultivate indica's. Some breeders will give the indica strain a longer growing phase to increase the height of the plant.

Indica effects

Indica strains will give you a body stoned feeling. Often indica strains are used for it's medicinal purposes. In opposite of sativa strains, indica strains produce more CBD. Effects reported by cannabis users are:

Relaxing & Laid back Relieves pain and aches Reduces anxiety & stress Aids sleep Reduces inflammation Helps relieve spasms and seizures Stimulates the appetite

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