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What is a sativa plant

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Cannabis Sativa is the most common strain of cannabis worldwide. Cannabis sativa is growing wild in countries around the equator. Well Known strains originated from area's like Southeast Asia, Thailand, Jamaica, Mexico & Colombia. Cannabis sativa is a long, narrow herbaceous plant. It has been cultivated worldwide for thousands of years to make food, medicine, oil, industrial fiber, and for recreational, spiritual, and religious purposes. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is Cannabis' primary psychoactive constituent. Cannabis sativa has a high THC level and produces a cerebral high.

There are three primary reasons people cultivate cannabis sativa. People prize its long stems for making fiber for rope, bags, and clothing. They also grow it to get the seeds which can be used as a food source or pressed into hemp oil which has a wide variety of uses. For thousands of years hemp seed oil has been used to make oil for lamps, paints, lacquers, and cooking. Cannabis sativa is also used by many for recreation and medicine use. 

While the seeds are also used to make feed for birds, the leaves, stems, and flowers with their high cannabinoid content are eaten, vaporized or smoked for spiritual, medicinal, and recreational reasons. Tinctures, ointments, and teas made with the herb have long been used for healing in the East. In India, cannabis sativa is grown and used for its hypnotic, hallucinogenic, analgesic, sedative, and anti-inflammatory action. The herb's distinctive smell is the result of the combination of over 100 compounds. 

Appearance of cannabis sativa strains

Cannabis sativa is a tall, narrow plant with fewer leaves than a cannabis indica strain. The color is generally a lighter shade green than other cannabis strains. The leafs are long and narrow. The 'buds' of a sativa plant are more 'fluffy' and less dense than indica 'buds'. The plant got his appearance due the tropical conditions where the sativa is originated. Because of it's narrow appearance the air will flow around between the plants and flowers, resulting in healthier growth and less risk of fungus in humid area's. In regions close to the equator, the amount of daylight hours does not change very much during the year. Because of this the sativa plant had to adapt it's growing and flowering in a short uniform photo period. It will gain height all trough its vegetation, growing and flowering phase.  

Growing Sativa plants

A sativa plant originates from tropic area's like Cambodia, Thailand, Jamaica and Mexico. In these areas it will take a minimal 6 months before the plant is ready to harvest. Indoor growing will take up to 9/12 weeks. Because of it's height you will need to make sure the plants can grow without having to little space. Like we earlier mentioned sativa plants will continue to grow even in the flowering phase. This makes it possible to give the sativa plant a 1 week growing phase for indoor growing. In this case you limit the height. 

Sativa effects

Sativa is popular because of its high THC content. In general, The effect of sativa plants is often described as a strong and uplifting head high.  Some of the effects are described by the users as:

Energizing & Uplifting Relieves depression Stimulates creativity and thoughts Relieves headaches and migraines Reduces nausea Promotes sense of well-being Stimulates the appetite

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