A fruitful delight with a long-lasting indica effect

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The Appleberry is yet another exclusive strain from the Sumo Seeds catalogue that we believe will become a staple plant in many grow rooms. This strain is also one of the most fruity tasting cultivars in our seed line. What makes it really special though is the fact, that we managed to create a very fruity tasting strain , without compromising the yield and the powerful effect. As it is often the case with fruity tasting weed, many people love them for their aroma, but the minus point has always been the lack of a punch. This is not the case with the Appleberry. This strain is a real fruity punch in the face but without a couch lock. The flavor of a well, organically grown Appleberry is full-on sweet apple and berry aromas. The name of it suggests it all!

Appleberry is an offspring from the Original White Widow mother and a special , not known to many a hybrid of Dynamite (Super Skunk x White Widow) , with a very potent Bubblegum phenotype, called Bubblicious. Also similar to her famous cousin- Blueberry, they all show the traits that are known for a great quality, short indica hybrids. Thanks to the stablization proces, Appleberry is a very uniform strain producing a little number of different phenotypes. Therefore it is very much suitable for all the growers who appreciate an even canopy and prefer SCROG or SOG cultivation techniques.

Flowering time and appearance:
The Appleberry is ready to harvest between 8 and 9,5 weeks due to its Indica dominance. Outside its ready to harvest in the end of September or early October. In the southern countries even a bit earlier.
The buds of the Appleberry are compact and heavy and fully covered with white crystals and they have many orange to brownish hairs. Her appearance is one to remember, one gigantic main bud with numerous impressive side buds. One of the better producing cannabis plants available.

Yield indoor and outdoor:
One of our best yielding strains. You can easily harvest a monstrous yield between 400-500m2 indoors. It’s a pleasure to watch it grow into a high yield monster! Outdoor growers can count on a whopping 600-750 grams per plant if grown in sunny areas. Buds are really dense so keep the moisture as low as possible.

Effect + THC + CBD:
Happy euphoric strain with a long-lasting body stoned effect. A great cannabis strain to use as a pain relief.
A really high THC producer and because of her Indica parents a higher level of CBD than other sativa strains.

Taste and odor:
We called her Appleberry because of its fruity flavor. We recommend when growing indoor using some odor control because of her very potent smell.