CBD Caramel Cookie


Straight from the Rif area from Morocco.

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CBD Caramel Cookie

CBD Caramel Cookie is a cross between our White Caramel Cookie and our popular CBD Kong’s Kush. The outcome is a medicinal cannabis strain with a high value CBD and low level of THC. It’s a very easy to grow strain and very suitable for novice growers who want to experiment using cannabis as an alternative medicine. She grows really well in small spaces and grows into a typical indica cannabis plant. It’s a truly amazing plant with an earthy/nutty and caramel aroma. Now you can harvest your own CBD cookies at your own garden. Grown with LED lights will increase her CBD range even further. She won’t need lots of nutrition which makes it a really great strain for beginners.

Flowering time and appearance:
A 9 to 10 weeks of flowering is needed to fully achieve her potential. When grown outdoor you can harvest her in the beginning of October. Place her in a sunny area and protect her against humidity when you place her in your outdoor garden. She will grow into an indica cannabis plant with wide leaves and resinous thick buds. Her overall appearance is bushy with short internodes.

Yield indoor and outdoor:
Growers report a yield between 400 to 550 g/m2 when grown indoors. Outdoors the grower can reap 300 to 400 grams per plant. Her buds are very compact and full of thrichomes.

Effect + THC + CBD:
Great strain to relax your body and combat pain symptoms. The user will get a long lasting indica effect. Not a strain to use during daytime but a strain to end your day after a long day of work.

Taste and odor:

With the White Caramel Cookie genetics the user will notice an earthy/nutty and caramel flavor and aroma. Curing her will increase her flavor even more. Making it a great tasting CBD cannabis strain.