White Widow Original


A classic cannabis strain from the Netherlands

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White Widow Original

When it comes to the most important Dutch cannabis plants in the past decades, White Widow will definitely be the one that deserves the most attention and respect. This legendary strain was developed in the 1990’s (1993-1995) in the South of the Netherlands and it totally changed the cannabis world ! Luckily at Sumo Seeds we are proud to be able to provide you the original genetics of the White Widow as known to her creators.
The history behind this cultivar is long and complicated like a history of any female widow. As usual there are many theories of White Widow’s origins. What is sure, that the Dutch breeders who were involved in the creation of this strain were one of the top cannabis cultivators . Growers like Shantibaba, and Arjen Roskam from Greenhouse Seeds, or finally Neville Schoenemakers were the creators and stabilizers of the original White Widow cut.
This strain represents a fruit of love for the cannabis plant that emerged from the crossing of the cultivars from the seeds brought from all over the world in the 1960s-1980s. White Widow is an offspring of a cross between a Brazilian sativa mother and a South Indian sativa/indica hybrid male. It was one of the first commercially known hybrids with a very high THC content and an exceptional high that was totally different to what the smokers used to know pre-1990’s. White Widow gave birth to many other famous cultuvars like White Rhino, White Russian, Snowball or Chrystal.
The name behind White Widow is believed to have originated as description of a feminized, photoperiodic cannabis plant that can be grown indoors. It will be a female, mostly widow as well, since the male had to been removed and the lady has turned white because of the amount of trichomes.

Flowering time and appearance:
The indoor flowering time of our White Widow Original is between 8 to 9 weeks. This due to its indica dominant genetics. We recommend a growing period of around 2/3 weeks to increase the yield. If growing outdoors you can begin harvesting the white widow original in the beginning of October depending on the region you are growing.

Yield indoor and outdoor:
Our White Widow Original is a potent high yielding strain. You can easily harvest between 400-550 g/m2 even if you are a novice grower. She is suitable for every growing substrate and will deliver a high yield all the time. If you grow her outdoors you can count on a harvest between 600 and 800 grams per plant. Even though she won’t grow into a massive plant her buds are compact and dense which increases the harvest.

Effect + THC + CBD:
Our White Widow Original is famous for her outrageous crystal resin production. She is covered with shiny sparkling thrichomes. This results in a high potent THC level. The effects can be described as a strong burst of euphoria with a mellow body high. The sativa genetics will give you an energetic, uplifting and creative feeling. With a medium level of CBD our White Widow Original can be used as a pain relief and it will stimulate the appetite.

Taste and odor:
People who already smokes White Widow know of her spicy pine flavor with an earthy pungent taste. Real connoisseurs can taste the flowery undertone. Our white White Widow Original is a must have for people who want to enjoy the classical taste of a world famous cannabis strain.