At Sumo Seeds, we always do our best to make sure that our customer service reaches you. In this section of the site, we’ve written down some answers to most of the questions you might have for us.

Does Sumo Seeds ship to my country?

We ship orders to most countries, however, it is very important that you check your local laws regarding the sale and ownership of cannabis seeds before you place an order with Sumo Seeds – We strongly advise you to properly research this and we urge you to obey all of your local laws.
You can find out more information on this topic by visiting this page:

Why should I choose Sumo Seeds for expanding my cannabis seeds collection?

For the purposes of this FAQ, we’ve summarised a selection of just some of the reasons why cannabis seed connoisseurs all over the world:

  • We at Sumo Seeds will take good care of you.
  • Sumo Seeds gives seeds away with every single order you make.
  • Sumo Seeds is not just a seedbank or a business, but also a community with a project behind it.  We care about the cannabis community and work hard to bring about positive change regarding the legalisation of medical marijuana.

What kind of payments does Sumo Seeds accept?

Sumo Seeds is committed to protecting your security and privacy.  Our payment methods reflect this – and also help to give you the choice of how you’d like to pay.  So whether you’d rather use your credit or debit card through our secure online store, iDeal, or simply prefer to pay via bank transfer, we’re here to accommodate your needs. 

Cash or Money Order Payment

We also accept Cash or Money Order Payment in any major currency (banknotes only please – no coins). Once we have received your payment your order will be dispatched within 24 hours.
Please make sure to send your cash or money order by tracked delivery. 

N.B. You can send the payments for Cash or Money order at the following address:

Foline B.V.
Kleine Gracht 14,
6211 CB Maastricht
The Netherlands

What will show up on my card statement?

Your transaction with Sumo Seeds will only ever show up as ‘Foline BV’ and your order number, with no mention as to the nature of the transaction, meaning that no one will be any wiser as to what you have been buying from us.

How secure is it to buy from Sumo Seeds?

Sumo Seeds uses the most robust SSL security protocols possible to ensure that all transactions are fully protected, so you can rest easy when you place your order with us.

How discreet is the shipping?

All of our orders are posted in discreet and anonymous packaging: there will be no sign that the package contains cannabis seeds. Your seeds will be safely shipped in a padded mailer and wrapped in a bubble wrap to ensure they make it to you unscathed.

Will my details be safe with Sumo Seeds?

Sumo Seeds is fully committed to protecting and upholding the privacy of all its customers

Does Sumo Seeds have a shop that I can visit?

Yes! Visit our contact page for more information.

Why does Sumo Seeds sell cannabis seeds, if I’m not allowed to grow them where I live?

Cannabis Seeds are entirely legal to buy and own in many locations all around the world.  Germination or cultivation of said cannabis seeds, however, is entirely illegal in  many countries. 
Sumo Seeds urges you to obey all of your local laws and to only place an order with us if you are entirely certain that it is legal to buy, own or have cannabis seeds sent where you live.
To get more information on the legal side of things regarding the sale of cannabis seeds, check out

I have another question for you: Help!

We hope that this FAQ section has answered most of your questions: But if you have another one for us that hasn’t been answered yet, please let us know by sending an email to– We’re here to help, buddy!